Interface Designer. UX Designer. Prototyper.

This project allowed me to use a few of my design hats: User Experience Design to ensure usability for all interfaces, Interface design for vast amount of art assets, animator for constructing prototypes and photo selection and retouching to enhance the FIFA brand.

The User experience portion involved understanding the passion and desire of a casual and hardcore FIFA gamer. We split the participant test results into two personas: casual gamer persona end goal is to reach gameplay with minimum amount of clicks. The hardcore gamer desired to build and enhance their team by purchasing various packs. Understanding this allowed me to construct user-centered interfaces that is simple and elegant. The workflow made it dead easy for users to get what they want.

Since FIFA World is a casual free to play game, the interface is designed to be light and airy. Users are not constantly pressured to purchase, but are notified to purchase additional packs and FIFA points if they wish.

I created animations in flash so that there will be prototypes to show my favorite software engineers. The animations shows how a feature was to look and function at a certain state. By showing them the prototypes, both engineers and designers are on the same page in terms of what the designers originally envisioned and planned.

In terms of photography, each photo of a football player or team was carefully selected and retouched. They were also enhanced and beautified based on a standard style guideline.





Game Design, Illustration, Photography, Visual Design


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